Ana María received her BA in Political Science from the National University and her MA in Education. She is an expert in ethnic themes and participatory design methodologies. In 2012, she and her three friends founded FEM. Her drive and passion brought about an interesting process of social innovation and international volunteers. . With one of her projects, she won the Innovation Award in Bolívar and the Tourism Merit Medal in the Innovation category in 2014. In 2015 she was named Talid Woman of the Year, an award for civic leadership of women in Cartagena. She is currently the sostenibility manager of Volunteer Hostel.



Daniel is an Industrial Engineer from Universidad de los Andes. with experience in sales, strategy and management with companies like Coca-Cola Femsa, Procter & Gamble and Genomma Lab. He is  passionate about social businesses and developed the business plan of Volunteer Hostel Cartagena when he took an online course "Social Entrepreneurship" of Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania during the end of 2014. 
In January 2015, he met Ana María González, director of the Foundation for Multidimensional Education, and donated a few hours of pro-bono consulting for FEM, on issues of social entrepreneurship. As a result of these sessions, Daniel and Ana María started the VHC project and called three friends and impact investors, completing the initial investment to start.
Daniel is currently responsible for the commercial strategy, expansion plans and the evaluation of new projects


MELANI CENDOYA - impact investor

Melani holds a degree in psychology from the University of the Basque Country and master's degree in child development from the Ramón Llull University in Barcelona, Spain. She has always been attracted to social work. There she practiced her profession in an inclusion center for immigrant families. She met FEM in 2014 and since then has been a volunteer committed to the foundation. When she heard about the hostel idea that was budding, she did not hesitate to offer her support, contributing capital and hard labour.



DANIELA HOYOS – Impact investor

Daniela is an Industrial engineer graduate from Universidad de los Andes with a minor in Business Management. She has 4 years of experience in sales and trade marketing in the mass consumption industry, specifically in Procter & Gamble, where she was recognized in 2014 as the best Sales Representative nationwide for her achievements in the development of her clients.  She is passionate about projects that generate positive social impact in a strategic way. She was a national winner of the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy contest (2009), an initiative organized by Bayer with which she had the opportunity to discuss environmental issues and proposals in Germany with young people from all over the world and delegates of the UN, among others. Additionally, she was involved with Groncol, a Colombian company that markets and installs green roofs in order to build a cleaner and more friendly city. In addition to being one of our impact investors, she closely follows the operation of the hostel and contributes her experience to the commercial development of the hostel.


Maryluz Hernandez

enérgica y comprometida, es recepcionista y lider del area de administración del Volunteer Hostel . Estudia administración de empresa en la Universidad Mayor de Cartagena.

Meet the energetic and awkward Maryluz Hernandez.She is receptionist and leader of the area of administration of the Volunteer Hostel. Leader of the area of administration.


Conoce a Katherine García ella es perseverante y valiente, ella es recepcionista de Volunteer Hostel además de encargarse del área de comunicaciones. Estudia comunicación social en la Universidad de Cartagena XIX semestre, es poeta y escritora, se unió al equipo en Febrero del 2017.


Meet Katherine García she is persevering and brave. She is a receptionist of Volunteer Hostel beside taking charge of the area of communications.



Uderfi Florez es indigena zenú , vive en el barrio 20 de julio , es oriundo de Tuchin. Es un ser humano maraviloso y diligente . 


Delfina Valdez es originaria de palenque , actualemente se encuentra terminando los estudios de Bachiller .