Volunteer Hostel Cartagena is a social business that works to bridge the inequality gap in Colombia through responsible tourism.

We offer qualified volunteering opportunities with our partner FEM Foundation (Fundación por la Educación Multidimensional FEM), non-conventional insider tours that allow you to merge with the local culture (Cartagena Insider by FEM), and a nice, clean, safe, comfortable and meaningful accommodation experience in a privileged location inside the walled city. 

Why VHC?

In VHC you will have a meaningful travel experience: you will generate real, tangible, strategic and sustainable social impact in Cartagena's communities through the following options: 

1. Get involved as a qualified volunteer: bring your experience and knowledge to help us develop and execute FEM's proyects with Cartagena's communities. FEM's office is in our lobby, so it's pretty easy to get detailed information about the projects and meet the people who make the magic.    

2. Discover Cartagena's best kept touristic secrets, living a unique and unforgettable experience that only an insider can offer. Explore local culture with any of our Cartagena Insider by FEM tours: #RutaChampetúa, #EnTuSalsa, #DrumSafari, #BazurtoMarketAdventure, #RutaZenú, among others. 

3. Stay at VHC: with the sole decision of staying with us you are generating social impact; 25% of income and 18% of the hostel's profit are used to support FEM's operation and projects' expansion.   

*This is our temporary website. We are currently working to include our full English version and fully operative booking and payment widgets. For any additional information please contact us through our e-mail, facebook page, phone numbers or whatsapp. 



Mobile: (+57) 304 573-0968
Land: (+57) (5) 643-4185


Calle del Quero # 9 - 64
Cartagena, Bolívar